Lost Baggage:What the recent airport chaos taught us about using carry-on baggage

In April 2022, an estimated 220,000 US airline checked bags were damaged or lost - a whopping 135% increase from April the previous year.

So why does this so-called "Airmageddon" happen and what does it mean for travelers during the busy summer months We're about to find out!!

We address some of the key factors behind the global airport crisis and explain why a carry-on bag is a reliable solution to the recent chaos.


The Global Airport Crisis: What You Should Be Prepared For
At various airports around the world, baggage is lost due to mechanical malfunctions in airport baggage systems and staff shortages. Here is a brief overview of the latest news:

Canada Airport Chaos: Lost luggage and a stranded puppy
A French passenger experienced a luggage debacle in June when she landed in Montreal for her connecting flight to New York City and found two of her checked suitcases were missing.

After filling out online forms, contacting customer service via Twitter and waiting on the phone for two hours to speak to a representative, the traveler has still not received a reply on the status of her lost luggage

Here is a little insight into the baggage situation at Toronto Pearson International Airport:

Adding to the fiasco at the Canadian airport, a dog was stuck in his crate with other misplaced luggage and the poor pup was not found by airport staff until 21 hours after his owner's flight landed!

This traumatic scenario was the result of a staff shortage that meant airport staff were unable to keep up with high demand during the summer holidays.

London Airport Chaos: Smelly Suitcases and the Great Suitcase Scavenger Hunt
London's famous Heathrow Airport has not been spared from airport chaos either. In June, baggage was piling up at London's Heathrow Airport after a glitch in the airport's baggage system and a spate of flight delays and cancellations driven by a surge in demand and a shortage of staff.

Travelers even claimed that the stacks of luggage began to smell. ugh!

Airport chaos around the world: suitcase traveled alone to Paris
The recent airport chaos has made the unexpected - and seemingly impossible - happen. B. Baggage arriving in another country. A family from Cleveland, Ohio arrived in Vienna to celebrate their son's graduation. The rub Your luggage was in Paris!

The family had stops in Washington, DC and Barcelona, but certainly not in the city of love. Thanks to travelers' Apple AirTag, they were able to track the whereabouts of their luggage, prompting them to file baggage complaints with the airline and airport.

Why a carry-on bag is a foolproof solution to the recent airport chaos
After you've emptied the contents of your luggage, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dig a little deeper to make sure the inside of your suitcase is clean and ready to go when you pull it out. With the recent airport chaos, now is the best time to play it safe and pack your belongings in a carry-on bag. Here's why a carry-on bag is the best choice for your next vacation:

Prevents lost luggage
A carry-on bag ensures that all your belongings stay safe with you, from the moment you depart until you reach your destination.

Plus, you save yourself the hassle of lost luggage, such as lost luggage. For example, filling out lost baggage forms, tediously waiting for an agent to call you back, and wondering when you'll get your baggage back.

You always have your travel essentials with you
A carry-on bag ensures you have all your essentials with you when you need them when you're stuck at the airport due to a delay.

Imagine this: you are on an international trip, your connecting flight is delayed by three hours and your mobile phone battery is low.

The bad news All your essentials, including your charger, are in your checked baggage. ugh!!


Choosing a carry-on: key factors to consider
Before you rush to the nearest store to buy your new carry-on, consider the following factors so you can find the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Before you start looking for a suitcase, you should find out what size your hand luggage needs to be so that it is suitable for the airlines you usually travel with.

According to Travel + Leisure, the standard US domestic carry-on size is 22 x 14 x 9, including the handle and wheels.n.

This size is just small enough to fit in an airplane overhead compartment on most major airlines.

If you are still looking for the perfect hand luggage for your trip, the Flex Vega and the Flex Aura are the best choice! Our Flex Vega Cabin and Flex Aura Cabin bags meet the carry-on requirements of most major airlines, ensuring your belongings can be safely and conveniently stowed in the overhead compartment!

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