Different types of luggage [from hand luggage to holdalls and from hard-sided to soft-sided luggage]

While travel essentials like a neck pillow, sweater and a comfortable pair of shoes are important to keep you snug on the trip, having a reliable piece of luggage by your side can prevent unexpected problems like broken luggage rolls or surprise bag charges.

But where do you start when it comes to choosing a travel bag in which to safely stow your belongings during the trip

If you're choosing a checked bag or carry-on bag, is a hard case the right choice, or is it worth investing in a soft case??

We'll help you decide by breaking down the different types of luggage and the most important factors to consider when buying a new travel companion. We also introduce you to our own reliable and stylish luggage for your next adventure!


Baggage types by size
Luggage is usually classified according to the structure and the type of material used. From checked baggage to duffel bags, here are the most common pieces of luggage by size.

1. Checked Baggage
A checked bag is any type of baggage that is too large to fit in an airplane overhead compartment.

This type of luggage usually has zippered compartments, a retractable handle, and wheels on the bottom that make it easy to move the luggage.

Thanks to the large amount of space available in checked baggage, it is usually used for longer trips or when the list of essentials is longer than most.

2. Hand luggage
A carry-on bag is any type of luggage that is compact enough to take on board an airplane.

A standard 22 x 14 x 9 size for most US domestic aircraft, carry-on bags stow in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.t.

You can use a carry-on bag for short trips or even longer trips where you pack light to avoid the hassle that can come with checking in a bag.

3. Travel bag
Similar to a large purse, a holdall is a type of carry-on luggage with shoulder straps that can fit less important items like electronics, makeup, and a few clothes.

A holdall is great for weekend getaways or on the go, providing quick and easy access to your essentials.

4. duffel bag
A duffel bag is a tubular piece of carry-on luggage with heavy-duty straps, zippers, and multiple compartments to keep your belongings safe.

A duffel bag is often used to transport sports clothing or equipment, but over the years it has also established itself as a travel bag. The standard size is just small enough to fit in an overhead bin or under an airplane seat. Similar to duffel bags, duffel bags are ideal for short weekend trips.

Baggage types by material
If you say goodbye to your luggage at check-in, the chances that your bag will be handled with the utmost care are probably nil.

A recent study found that mishandled luggage will increase by 24% globally in 2021, fueling the need for strong and reliable holdalls.

From waterproof luggage to hard cases for added protection, here are the most common luggage types, organized by material.

1. Hard shell
Hard shell luggage is a durable, waterproof bag with a hard exterior.

Typically, this type of luggage is made of polycarbonate shells - an impact-resistant plastic -, aluminium, polypropylene, ABS or PVC.

Thanks to their robust exterior, hard-sided luggage can withstand the stresses of a bumpy ride on the conveyor belt or in narrow travel compartments.

2. Soft shell
Soft-sided luggage is a flexible piece of luggage with a soft exterior.

This type of luggage is usually made of cloth, canvas, nylon or polyester.

Thanks to its material, soft-sided luggage expands around the edges, giving you more room for the essentials you want to take with you. Another plus No dents, scratches or cracks!

3. Leather
Ever since our ancestors invented leather luggage around 1500 B.C. it has come a long way.

Leather luggage is a suitcase-shaped bag made out of genuine leather or imitation leather that has been partially treated to prevent stains and water damage.


Key factors when choosing luggage
Choosing the best suitcase for your trip can be a bit overwhelming with so many options, but we're here to help! Here's what to consider before you buy:

1st size
Before you start looking for a suitcase, you should determine the size you need to accommodate your most important things.

If your trips typically last less than a week or you travel light, a smaller suitcase that can be taken on planes might be right for you.

If you e.g. B. go on a short camping trip or spend a weekend at the nearby beach, you can in a smaller bag, e.g. B. a piece of hand luggage, stow your most important utensils well.

However, if you're going for more than a week or heading to a cooler destination that requires bulky items like coats, sweaters, and boots, a checked bag can ensure that all your items are packed and on their way to your destination.


2. Security Features
Next, determine what type of features you are looking for in a holdall.

Holdalls and duffel bags typically have minimal security features, leaving all your essentials just a zip away.

Some suitcases, on the other hand, feature two-way zippers and crisscross bungee cords to keep your belongings in place, or the ability to add a TSA-approved lock for added security.

3. Longevity
Whether you're cruising across turquoise seas, taking a cross-country road trip, or flying to the other side of the world, traveling takes a toll on your luggage.

While there are a variety of suitcases out there, investing in a durable suitcase can help ensure your travel companion stays by your side for years to come.

From waterproof and shockproof to scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing outer shells - which type of suitcase is right for you depends on how often you travel and what means of transport you use to get to your destination!

Rollink Hard Cases You'll Love
Whether you're experiencing a bumpy ride on the airport assembly line or a taxi driver throws your bag in the trunk, with a hard case you don't have to worry about damaging your belongings or suitcase.

Our Rollink Flex Vega is a durable, lightweight and stylish luggage line that you can use as carry-on or checked luggage. Flex Vega is scratch, water and shock resistant, making it the ideal travel companion for any adventure!

Should you spill anything, cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the hard polycarbonate shell. To clean your Flex Vega, simply use a soft, damp cloth dipped in mild dish soap and warm water to wipe away dirt and grime from your travels.

After your trip, fold your Flex Vega down to 2" and stow it away until next time. Tuck them under your bed or hang them in the closet and get them out when adventure knocks!

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