The production of Max Wagner GmbH (ROLLINK) products is subject to constant controls. The respective raw materials and accessories are also strictly checked before they are used. However, should you unexpectedly have reason to complain about a Max Wagner GmbH (ROLLINK) product, we ask you to consider the following.



The Max Wagner GmbH GMBH (ROLLINK) guarantee period for the series VEGA II, EARTH and AURA3 years, for VEGA360 5 years and for our accessories 2 years and applies under consideration of the following stipulations: Complaints can only be made about material defects and defects caused by poor workmanship. Damage caused by improper handling, overloading, accidents, acids/chemical solvents, extreme temperatures, water, normal wear and tear as a result of use, or improper transport by third parties, etc. understandably cannot be recognized. In the case of defective goods, there is a right to complain within the statutory periods.



Your warranty period begins on the date of purchase of the respective product. This can be a receipt or an online invoice from one of our dealers, as well as an invoice from our shop. During the warranty period, your dealer is your point of contact in the event of damage. He will be able to solve your problems. For organizational reasons, complaints must be processed through the retailer, unless they have gone directly through our shop. If you have any questions, you can also contact our head office directly using our contact form. We will be happy to deal with your problem and find a satisfactory solution.



We would like to give you the following recommendations: After each trip, check all of your luggage for damage in the baggage claim area. If you discover transport damage, complain immediately verbally and in writing to the information desk of your carrier and have this damage confirmed in writing. If you report any damage to the responsible carrier immediately, you can generally count on a quick and generous settlement. In order to successfully assert your claims, your specialist dealer will certainly help you with the preparation of an expert opinion/cost estimate. Also, if possible, take out additional luggage insurance.